About Us

We help run the backend of your business so you don’t have to. 


Think of us like your office management team. With shared costs, you get a team of experts without the price tag.

(No-Obligation & Quick)

Focused on finding your profit with less time, effort and headaches.

About Alex Foulkes

Alex Foulkes is a seasoned business owner, investor and advisor located on the shoreline of Connecticut. Born and raised in Western MA (the good side of the state), Alex attended business school at Ithaca College and began his business career there in the restaurant industry. Moving to CT with his wife in 2012, they quickly became local business owners and have scaled, coached and owned dozens of businesses in that time.

As CEO, Alex brings an expertise in building teams, creating value and growing businesses that are highly profitable and self-sustaining. A passion for business and hospitality has led to a life that is hyper focused on independent small business success.

About Haydon Lockhart

At a young age, Haydon became interested in business and has worked his way from a General Manager to investor and small business owner to co-founder and COO. Haydon brings a passion and knowledge for small business, hospitality and operations that is second to none.

As Chief Operating Officer, Haydon is busy running the day-to-day operations, but does manage to sneak out for the occasional game of golf. As long as he’s not pretending to be on the PGA tour, he’ll be obsessively working on growing client’s businesses.

Our Core Values

Client Focused

Putting you and your customers first. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and help grow your business.

Quick Communication

We understand your time is valuable. We adapt and provide solutions to challenges with quick and constant communication.

Personal Touch

We understand that your business is unique and deserves special attention. That’s why everyone is provided a personalized experience and dedicated team.

Committed to Innovation

Tools and technology are only as good as the person using them. We are experts in technology and provide the benefits of modern tech without the hassle.

We Do What It Takes

We understand the challenges you’ll face at the different stages growth. We’ll make sure you are set up to succeed without the growing pains. 

(No-Obligation & Quick)